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Why you need to learn REST API?

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One of my most popular video on my Jira channel is about SOAP vs REST. Today I wanted to talk about why you need to learn REST API.

1 What is a web service?

Now web services is a way for applications to interact with other.

2 If you want to become a developer?

You will eventually reach a point in your career sooner or later when you will either be writing your own web services by defining custom end points in your applications or you will be consuming it.

3 Benefits of REST?

There are many benefits but let us talk about the main ones :)

  • Backend and frontend are separate, so if you are a developer you can focus on what is important for you.
  • Applications rely on each other these days, for example sync your Garmin activity with Strava or may be you want to bulk update your YouTube videos description
  • REST API is light weight
  • Platform and language independent
  • Mobile applications heavily use REST API
  • Your learnings of using REST API can be easily applied in any language
  • Make your life better: I personally use REST API to automate lot of the things that I need to do where I might need to interact with other services.

Ok that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this.