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Welcome to Ravi.Pro

My name is Ravi Sagar, I am an Atlassian Consultant, I love working on Drupal and Linux. Yes, this is pretty much my identity these days but I am much more than that. I love spending hours doing stuff on computer. I like blogging, taking photographs and making videos. I like learning new things everyday and also share my learnings, why? because it feels good.

Why this simple site?

Short answer is simplicity and more control. I aim to live a simple and minimalistic life, that include digital life as well. The idea behind this site is to make a site and a blog that can be managed totally using Org mode in Emacs, but you must be wondering why use org mode? well the answer is the love for Emacs. You need to use to know what it can do for you.

The overall idea behind this site

  • Keep it very simple - minimum images, no fancy fonts, simple css, works on any device and retro feel :).
  • I use Org mode to manage most of my work and life. I use it to plan my work, make notes, get reminders of what needs to be done. It is so simple to use that once you know how to get the most out of it, you will never think of using any other tool. The idea to convert your rough notes in a blog that can be published online without much of an effort is cool.

Will I stop using my Drupal sites?

What? No, never. I love Drupal, it gave me so much in life and I enjoy working on it and using it for making websites. I started my company around Drupal and it is my number one choice to make website any day.

My blogs are more than a decade old now and I will continue writing blogs on my main sites built on Drupal. However this simple site is more or less like my online public notebook where I will share things very, very quickly. Usually to write a blog you have to first prepare it offline, format it and add static content like images to it. Then post it on a Drupal website and publish it. Here on this site. I simply move my rough notes and ideas to public domain in seconds (may be few minutes).

Get to know me better

  • I write book on Atlassian tools
  • I love blogging
  • I have a YouTube channel focussed on Atlassian tools.

Jira books and Video courses (Available to buy)

  1. Jira Quick Start Guide (Book): https://go.ravi.pro/JiraQuickStartGuide
  2. Mastering Jira (Book): https://go.ravi.pro/masteringjira
  3. Jira 7 Guide for Administrators and Developers (Video course): https://go.ravi.pro/JiraGuideAdmin
  4. Jira 7 Essentials (Video course): https://go.ravi.pro/JiraEssentials

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