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Setting up and running a company in UK is easy!!

Table of Contents

1 Register a company

  • Decide who will be the director
  • 15 mins to register
  • 1-2 weeks to get certificates

2 Open a Business Bank Account

  • Countin up (15 mins)
  • Natwest (1-2 weeks)

3 Sign up for Gateway Account

  • Instant sign up

4 Register for Corporate Tax return

  • Do your returns (manually or use the software)

5 Register for VAT

  • Although not necessary in the beginning but I would recommend if you are planning to grow

6 Register for PAYE

  • This is needed when you plan to hire and pay employee

7 Start doing business

  • Keep your company documents at one place
  • Get a website
  • Make company logo
  • Create templates for proposals, letter head, Invoices and other documents
  • Keep track of all the incoming/outgoing money (Balance Sheet)
  • Get payment gateway like Stripe

8 Use a software like FreeAgent

  • Raise Invoices
  • It can connect to your bank account
  • File Corporate Tax and VAT returns
  • Much more