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Owning your own files

Table of Contents

1 What kind of files?

These are the most common file formats.

  1. PDF: There are plenty of free softwares
  2. Google native format - document, slides, sheets: Use libre office
  3. Images: Plenty of free softwares
  4. Txt: You can open them anywhere anyways

Do not worry about the file format. You will not lose you ability to open your files.

2 How to download?

The most simplest way is to use the download feature and you will get a zip.

3 How do we sync and backup?

Ensure that you have backups and redundancy.

  1. Build habit to take backups yourself.
  2. Buy atleast 2 external hdd.
  3. Syncthing for my personal files, that are not big like videos.
  4. Prefer physical connection over wifi.
  5. rsync to take backup of backup.

4 How my backup strategy likes?

Laptop 1 —physical connection over usb—> Backup 1 –rsync–> Backup 2 Laptop 1 —Syncthing—> Laptop 2 Laptop 2 —Syncthing—> Laptop 3