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One channel vs multiple YouTube channels

I have been making videos on Atlassian tools, Drupal, Computer Science, Excel VBA and Google Spreadsheet, UK travels, India travels, Fitness, Tech and few other things.

So many channels right, well I know I am interested in various topics and that's why I thought of having separate channels on Youtube but at the same time I thought that having separate channels is also tough to manage.

For the past few days I was thinking about the approach in future. I am 50-50 on this decision but I am more inclined to have just one channel but I know it is not good for the growth of the channel.

Let us see. I will think more about it.

The day was overall ok, life is boring of course staying at home but at least for me it is not difficult to kill time, I always have plenty of stuff to do but I want all this to end soon.