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Mastering kdenlive

Table of Contents

1 Enable Proxy clips

If you are working on bug files then it is a good idea to enable proxy clips.

Proxy clip location is ~/.cache/kdenlive/proxy which I clear from time to time.

You can also clear it from the interface by going to Setting > Managed Cached Data

It is also possible to create proxy profiles.

2 Install themes

sudo pacmac -S breeze

3 Install dependencies

You might experience some errors while rendering.

sudo pacman -S mlt movit sox swh-plugins

4 Basic editing

  • Cut: Shift + R
  • Razor Cut: X
  • Selection: S
  • Remove space: Right click and select Remove Space

5 Effects

5.1 Transform

Use this to transform the clip. Add keyframes Increase size, opacity, X, Y, W, H

6 Title Clip

  • Right click on the Project Bin | Add Title Clip
  • Create your title with boxes, text, align it
  • Save As (Ctrl + S) to save title clip to a directory to a file with extension .kdenlivetitle
  • Open Document (Ctrl + O) to open existing title clip
  • Use variables/placeholder %s and then save the clip to use them as templates

6.1 Create Intro and Outro using Title Clips and Music

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/bUVpE5staL0

7 Add text

Go to Project Bin | Right Click | Add Title Clip

8 Default directories

Manage is in ~~/.config/kdenlive/kdenliverc~. Under [env] section modify these lines.

This is the default project directory.


This is the place where files will be rendered by default. Also the location from where title templates will be picked.


Only titles places in the $HOME/myfiles/kdenlive/titles will appear under the template list.

All the effects that you save from the GUI will be saved in ~$HOME/.local/share/effects

9 Voiceover in kdenlive

9.1 Error: kdenlive QMediaRecorder::ResourceError : Could not create an audio source element

sudo pacman -S gstreamer gst-plugins-good

Documentation: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/GStreamer This page was useful: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=253734