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Mastering Inkscape

Table of Contents

1 DONE Set Document size and guidelines

2 Align and distribute


3 Export selected object as SVG

First make sure object is selected then press Ctrl+Shift+R and save file as svg. Cool isn't it?

4 DONE How to insert images inside a circle   video

If you want to create a circular image with border then I use this method.

  • Create a circle object with border and clone it
  • Insert image
  • Place circle object over the image
  • Click image and then the circle object
  • Go to Object | Clip | Set
  • Your image will be clipped
  • Now use this clipped image and align it in the centre with the cloned circle object
  • Finally export as PNG and enjoy

5 DONE Templates   video

You can save a document as a template with your preferred size and guide. When you save a template it will be saved in the ~/.config/inkscape/templates dierctory, which I commit to my dotfiles.

6 DONE Distraction free mode   video

I sometimes prefer to work in distraction free mode and it is useful when presenting.

F11: Go full screen with toolbars Ctrl - F11: Got full screen and also hide the toolbars F12: Hide docked panels

7 DONE Switch Modes

Instead of using the panel to change the mode you can press keys as well.

  • s: Selection
  • t: Text
  • c: Calligraphy

When in the Text mode you can press Esc and then s to change to the Selection mode.