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Setup ScriptRunner for Jira development environment on Arch Linux

Table of Contents

1 Install IntelliJ

sudo pacman -S intellij-idea-community-edition

Once installed you can run it by typing idea. However this might not work for you if you are using dwm like me so there are few things few need to do. Not very complicated I promise.

1.1 Install wmname

sudo pacman -S wmname

Then set the name of your window manager like this wmname LG3D

1.2 Set variable name


2 Run idea

Now IntelliJ should load fine. To ensure this works after reboot as well, add these 2 lines to your ~/.xinitrc file.

wmname LG3D

3 Install maven

sudo pacman -D maven

4 Error: Plugin 'com.atlassian.maven.plugins:jira-maven-plugin:' not found

If you see this problem then try this.

Check mvn version

mvn --version

Note down the Maven home and configure this in your Intellij | Settings | Build, Execution, Development | Maven | Maven home path.

Do mvn clean and mvn jira:debug from within your sample-sr-scripts/jira/ directory.

5 Check Inight version compatible with Jira

You would need to set the insight version in your pom.xml and you can check the compatible version of assets for Jira from this link https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1212137/insight-asset-management-for-jira/version-history

However the dependency was resolved when I used a proper version from here https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/com.riadalabs.jira.plugins/insight