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Jira and Confluence updgrade initial checks

Initial checks on the server.

  1. Go to the official documenation.
  2. You should be doing an upgrade first on a test environment.
  3. Latest dump or restore or refresh of production.
  4. There is enough space on the server.
  5. First start taking backups of database, install directory and home directory.
  6. Check crontab, just in case to know any regular jobs.
  7. Check for existing backup scripts.
  8. Make sure the user has root or sudo rights.
  9. The server should have all the tools and utilities to perform the upgrade activities like tar, mysqldump, pgdump, cp, tail, less, vi, nano, emacs, etc
  10. The server should have network connectivity to download atlassian application files or ask your server administrator to give you those files.
  11. Check the availability of the necessary packages in the repo or check if those packages can be built from the sources.
  12. Ensure that you have a rollback procedure. If things go wrong, can you roll back from the backups you took or check for the possibilities of taking snapshots.
  13. Ensure that the services that are no longer needed are disabled.
  14. Do maintain a runbook.
  15. In your runbook keep all the paths and necessary information handy that you need to access quickly.

That is it for today :)