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How to make interesting vlogs and reaching 1000 subscribers

I like sharing content and I have no idea why. My intention is definitely to help others by whenever I think about it I get the same answers and that is I like recording my life, so I can playback. I remember various moments of my childhood, when I was growing up, when I went to school and experienced so many things for the first time. I think this is not unusual for me. People usually remember their childhood more vividly than other phases of life, but I have a problem - I live in the past. I know I need to improve this but that's me. Anyways after finishing school then college when I started working I realised that keeping written record is a great way, which is nothing but a blog. So I made a blog www.ravisagar.in and I love this blog. I made it using Drupal which is another thing I quite like.

Now back to 2020, everyone is making vlogs. I make lot of videos as well. Although I started making videos in 2011 but it was really in late 2018 when I started making regular videos. I am close 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and I realised that videos are just another way for me to share content. Although when I watch videos on YouTube making interesting vlog style videos I was tempted to do that as well but for me sharing content is my top most priority. I have another channel called Blackberry Boy where I post everything non Atlassian, non Jira related and I am enjoying it.

In the end just want to say that do not worry about the number of subscribers, number of views or any analytics as long as you enjoy doing whatever you are doing with your blog or vlog.

Have fun.