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How I make YouTube videos quickly?

Table of Contents

1 Why I make videos?

1.1 Keep me motivated to learn new things everyday.

1.2 Things I learn help me in my job.

1.3 It feels good to share what you learn.

1.4 Builds your profile.

2 Video making workflow and tools I use.

2.1 ffmpeg for recording desktop, external mic audio and desktop audio.

2.2 Shell script to show my webcam.

2.3 mpv or ffplay to preview the recorded video.

2.4 ksnip to take screenshot if needed.

2.5 Inkscape to create various base background for thumbail (one time effort).

2.6 Shell script to generate thumbnail based on base image and screenshot.

2.7 Shell script and dmenu to select the colour hexadecimal if needed.

2.8 Upload to YouTube and schedule it.

2.9 Videos are synced with LBRY.

3 Post publishing

3.1 Post published video on my Drupal website ravisagar.in with title, description and tags.

3.2 Video is usually organised in existing course.

3.3 Video is syndicated to twitter on the next cron run.

4 Wishlist

4.1 Write scripts to automatically upload the video and schedule them.

4.2 Write scripts or a Drupal module to publish new videos on the blog.