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Free Jira Tutorials

Although I have written few book on Jira and made paid video courses in the past but I am getting this feeling in me that I should probably keep my content in whatever form it is free in future. Now that doesn't mean the content will be of low quality. I am still not sure if I make my next book free or paid but I am more inclined to keep it free. For the time being I am happy with the content that I am creating be it videos or articles or tests. I don't really spend too much time on that honestly but I think I am consistent.

I have been making daily videos on Atlassian tools, especially around Jira, ScriptRunner, REST API and automation. I also make videos in response to questions people ask on the community. Now my biggest challenge in not making the content and sharing information but to ensure that people can consume my content :) and that is why on my other site ravisagar.in I have been organising my content in the form of courses that anyone can follow from start till the end and whenever I make new video or article I add it to the existing course.

You can take a look at my couses here and I hope you like them :)