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Do you need SEO?

I think the most and the most important thing is to have a website where you can share something with the rest of the world. I talked about this before, just create the most simplest site you can create in least amount of time with the skills you already have. You can always improve it if needed. Of course this is not relevant for an organisation but for majority of people who are trying to do share or showcase their skills a simple HTML site is all your need.

When people ask me about creating a site the first thing they mention is SEO. They want to appear in Google search, they expect people to reach out to them, now I think if you have the right skills and a simple website where you can share your content then you should not worry about it that much.

However if you do care about getting your site ranking then I do have some tips for you.

  1. Regular content
  2. More than one website
  3. Different mediums like video, blogs, podcast
  4. Syndicate
  5. Use keywords that you want to target
  6. Variations of keywords
  7. Remember rankings will change if you don't update your site
  8. Generate a sitemap
  9. RSS feed

Don't worry about it. Do want you love, ranking will come.

I made a video on this topics as well.