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Changes to RaviSagar.in and taking a break from YouTube

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1 Crossing 1000 subscribers

Yesterday on 30th April I crossed 1k subscribers on my YouTube channel. I will be not honest if I say that I am not happy about it. Of course I am happy and it is a good achievement. 1000 people wants to hear from me, they can tolerate me speaking about some stuff that they find useful. I am really happy.

2 Taking a break from YouTube

However I have been making videos for quite some time and making daily videos is not a big deal for me. It is just 30m of my time but I am taking a break from YouTube for few weeks. I will be back with more energy of course. I will use that time to write blogs and think about how I can make my videos more useful.

3 These are my plans for my YouTube channel.

  • Create a dedicated site to guide people in a better way to follow the videos.
  • Make proper courses (totally free) that people can follow from beginning till the very end.
  • Make quizes and mock test so that people can validate what they just learnt

I will continue making videos on Atlassian tools like Jira and automation but I am also thinking of consolidating my channels so that one channel will act as a place to learn various things. I am not yet 100% sure if I will consolidate or not. Let us see.

That was the update guys. Enjoy.